Preparing for the Worst

It is the wise Tucsonan who remembers that although the monsoon brings welcome rains and relief from the summer heat, the thunderstorms that come with the monsoon bring their own hazards.

Lightning can cause serious damage to a computer if it strikes the system directly through the electrical grid, even if the computer is turned off. Power outages, another result of lightning, are also a threat to your computer and, since they are somewhat common occurrences, can be your systemís worst nemesis if not properly protected. Fortunately, Fast Rhino has some great defensive measures to help you protect your computer during these sometimes destructive thunderstorm events.

If havenít yet purchased a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), itís time to call Fast Rhino. Hard drives can easily crash in a power outage if not protected. The technologies used in todayís UPS units allow your computer system to do it's own proper shutdown, completely unattended, during a power outage. They also provide surge protection, which can keep your power supply from getting zapped. This simple and affordable solution can help save your important data and your computer hardware investment. Having a UPS is a smart idea, regardless of the time of year, since power outages can occur anytime, regardless of the weather. If you go through a monsoon without a UPS, the odds of avoiding a power outage are not on your side. Do yourself a favor: Call us today and get one professionally installed.

In addition to a UPS, a great way to protect your data is to get an external hard drive. Fast Rhino carries a wide assortment of backup solutions to help you sleep better at night, knowing your data is safe. Our technicians can install and configure an external hard drive and program it so that it backs up your files automatically, without you having to do anything.

As with any thunderstorm, monsoon or not, it is always a great idea to power-down your system completely when thereís lightning outside. If you plan on going away for a weekend or longer, turn your system off and unplug it from the wall. The same can be said for any other devices, such as televisions and home theater/stereo equipment. Computers are wonderful tools, but since they are electronic devices, they are subject to power outages, surges and lightning strikes. Losing data is one thing. Losing your entire system is quite another. Lightning doesnít play favorites and most people cannot afford to go without protection, especially during a monsoon.