Fast Rhino's Paperless Initiative

In early 2011, we developed a new application to use within our internal systems. We also incorporated some very cool technology for our technicians to use out in the field.

We started by first creating a paperless system to securely store all of our existing and new client data. Next, we integrated our own customized scheduling calendar so that our entire team can stay informed of company activity by the minute. With this new system, our technicians can be out in the field with their mobile tablets, enter job ticket data, get digital (stylus) signatures from the funny pictures client and instantly email a signed PDF receipt populated with the appointment's service call information.

Although there are many benefits to our environment, going paperless has also provided a number of other advantages:

  • Our level of internal communication has surpassed the "old days" of texting and cellphones.

  • Client history is now accessible via a quick search. This provides our technicians with powerful information to troubleshoot your problems even faster.

  • We now have GPS mapping technology built right in our own application, helping to ensure that we are on-time and at the right location.

  • Our team members can now track the status of bench work, which is increasing productivity and enhancing quality-control.

  • Field technicians have a host of relevant data at their fingertips wherever they are.

  • Our accounting department can now assign transactions in real-time.

  • All of our previous paper documents are being digitized so we no longer need to store bulky client paperwork.

These technologies may sound a bit normal for today's big businesses, but for us, we're really excited about the ways in which these improvements will help our business run more efficiently and, in the process, help us better serve you. After all, that's the reason we're here.

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