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  • TechDay 2014

    TechDay 2014

    Fast Rhino is proud to announce our 1st annual computer seminar to be held on November 10, 2014 exclusively in Tucson, AZ. One ticket provides complete access to the entire day's events.
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  • Script Blocking

    Script Blocking

    On February 10, 2014, Fast Rhino was honored to speak at the SCOV Vistoso Computer Society's General Meeting. The subject of the talk was Script Blocking - The Key to Defensive Browsing - Download a summary of the presentation here.
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  • Measuring Real Value

    Real Value

    When shopping for a new computer, you've got a lot of choices. However, determining your best value can sometimes be a difficult task. This article identifies some of the hidden costs you may encounter when purchasing a new computer.
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  • Fraudware

    Fraudware Presentation

    Fast Rhino was recently invited to make a presentation to the Vistoso Computer Society of Sun City Oro Valley regarding Fraudware. Although much more was covered at the event, we have posted a summary of the presentation on PDF format.
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  • Life's A Bench

    Life's A Bench

    You've got more things to do than worry about your computer. At Fast Rhino, we literally 'live' computers. If we're not servicing our clients' computers during the day, we're also working on them in the evening. In fact, our life really is a bench, a diagnostics bench, that is.
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  • Fast Rhino's New Paperless Initiative

    Paperless Initiative

    Our technicians are now using the latest in digital technology to service our clients... and less paper means a better environment for all of us. Although there are many benefits to the world we live in, going paperless has also provided a number of other advantages for our clients.
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  • Tired of anti-service?

    Tired of anti-service?

    Lately, it seems that shopping at the nearest retail store has become the opposite of what we've grown to know and expect of real customer service. Exactly where has the service we've been so used to receiving gone? Fast Rhino makes it crystal clear to our clients that we not only remember what it used to be like, we practice it today and every day.
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Having problems with your computer?

Give FAST RHINO a call! We provide professional on-site PC repair. Our trained technicians utilize years of experience and specialized software to target, identify and repair all kinds of computer problems.

Need to learn how to use your computer?

FAST RHINO can teach you! Our friendly trainers come to your home or office and take you step-by-step through any subject you desire. Our trainers are patient and they work at your comfort level. We offer a wide variety of training programs:
  • Using Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Become an Internet Sleuth
  • Understanding Email
  • Using Microsoft Office
  • Basic PC Maintenance
  • Graphics and Digital Photos
  • ... and More!!

Call us today for a personal training program tailored to your needs.

Rhino Performer 64 X4 Desktop with 22 WLCD MonitorRhino Performer 64 X4 Desktop with 22 WLCD Monitor
Free Delivery & Setup
Get the desktop and monitor you deserve at a price you can afford! This amazing deal includes an AMD Quad Core (X4) processor with 4GB of RAM, keyboard and mouse, and a 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor.

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Acer Travelmate 15.6Acer Travelmate 15.6
Free Delivery & Setup
Striking just the right balance between performance, energy use, mobility and size, this Acer notebook brings you computing without limits or boundaries. This innovatively designed notebook delivers high-performance multitasking and complete connectivity.

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